Warranty and Instructions


Warranty terms and conditions

1. Warranty for the products sold online lasts 3 months starting from the date of purchase

2. Warranty repair takes 2 to 4 weeks from the time we receive the product

3. If product cannot be repaired it will be exchanged for a similar product or your money will be refunded. We keep the right to decide about the product repair, product replacement or refund policy applied

4. Warranty is only valid if product is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions

5. Certified inspection will be provided to recognise manufacturing defect or improper use by verifying compliance with the warranty conditions

6. Warranty does not cover:


a)        Damage caused by improper use or careless handling

b)        Damage caused by improper cleaning or inadequate maintenance

c)         If product has been repaired or changed by third-party without our approval



Instructions on usage and maintenance

1. Jewellery must be removed before:


a)        doing physical activities

b)        working in a house or garden

c)         sunbathing

d)        sleeping

e)        working with any kind of chemical products that might react with chemical elements the jewellery is composed of

f)          using any kind of creams, ointments, shampoos or other cosmetics


2. Jewellery must not be exposed to water or sun, as this will dull the appearance

3. It is forbidden to clean ANVESA jewellery with abrasive substances such as sand, tooth paste, etc., or use ultrasonic cleaning

4. It is forbidden to expose jewellery to extreme temperatures and sudden temperature changes such as when visiting solarium, sauna, hot tubs, etc.

5. It is forbidden to use jewellery for other purposes than it is designed for

6. Avoid spraying jewellery with perfumes and hairspray (especially pearls)

7. Avoid contact with flounce clothing, knits, buttons, hooks, zippers, etc.

8. Avoid hit or contact with sharp, rough, solid household items

9. Avoid wearing more than one ring on a finger

10. It is recommended to store every piece of jewellery separated in special jewellery boxes because crystals may dull their appearence exposed to natural light or humidity

11. Gold colour jewellery may change its hue over time. Time and intensity of the hue change is different in each case

12. In case of purchasing unsuitable size of ring do not try to adapt the size by yourself because crystals may come loose due to the deformation

13. Illustrative chain example is delivered together with every pendant purchased. Warranty does not apply for the chain.

14. Illustrative watch strap is delivered with every watch purchased. Warranty does not apply for the watch strap.


It is recommended to clean the jewellery with suede, velvet or flannel cloth

SIA “ANVESA PLUS” does not take the responsibility for repairs, engravings or size modifications made by third-party

SIA “ANVESA PLUS” is not liable for damages caused by disregard to warranty conditions