We offer an exclusive range of jewellery and accessories in line with the latest fashion trends. Here you will find jewellery for daily life, evenings, parties, brides and children.

We offer two types of jewellery:

High quality jewellery. The quality of this type of jewellery is equivalent to jeweller products. Two types of crystals are used to form the jewellery - artificially grown crystals and shiny crystals which are set into metal. Artificially grown stones, enamel, nacre and high-quality plastic might also be used to compose the jewellery. All the Jewellery is handmade. Silver colour metal used in this jewellery do not oxidise while the gold colour metal might change its hue (become lighter).

Jewellery which is relatively cheaper.  Acrylic as well as glossary crystals or glass attached with glue might be used to compose the jewellery. White and gold-colour metal oxidizes over time (becomes darker).